Boat Ownership Seminars

Hosted by Waterways World magazine Technical Editor, Mark Langley


What to look for in a used boat

Used boats can make a very good investment, but narrowing down exactly which boat suits you can be challenging. This session will cover the key questions to ask when looking for a used boat, as well as important pitfalls to avoid. Mark will also look at the costs of running a boat and what you might need to equip your boat from the outset.

Key points:

•  What type of boats are out there

•  How to choose a suitable boat

•  What areas to look for before committing to a survey

•  Typical running and repair costs

•  Upgrading an older boat – examples, costs and challenges

•  Sources of further advice


Boat buying and selling

Buying and selling boats can be challenging. For those looking to sell, Mark will discuss how to prepare and present your boat for sale, as well as items which might make your boat stand out. The merits of private and brokerage sales will be discussed, much of which will also be of interest to those looking to buy. Mark will look closely at the process of buying a boat, as well as the areas to look for when presented with a wide variety of boats. For both groups, the importance of safe transactions and ownership issues will be highlighted, which can help both sides of the buying and selling process feel more comfortable.

Key points:

•  Pros and cons of different ways of buying/selling boats

•  How to maximise impact when selling your boat

•  Minimising the risks when buying a boat

•  When buying, things to check before investing in a survey

•  Preparing for sale of a boat


Designing a new boat

Deciding to have a new boat built can be both exciting and daunting. Decisions made at the outset of the process can have a lasting impact on how well the boat functions in the future, and how easy it will be to sell. In this session, Mark will address the types of inland boat, give an overview of common design issues and flaws, as look at how to work with your chosen boatbuilder to ensure you get the boat that you want.

Key points:

•  Choosing the style of boat

•  Identifying what your priorities are

•  Engines and electrical systems

•  Layouts and fitting out

•  Choosing a builder

•  The buying process

•  Boat Safety and future-proofing


General boat maintenance

Boats require periodic and on-going maintenance. This session will help support boat owners and future boat owners with how to plan for maintenance and to identify issues before they can cause major problems.

 Key points: 

•  Hull protection – painting, antifouling and anodes

•  Repainting and superstructure care

•  Maintaining engines and electrical systems

•  Key safety equipment and practices

•  Top tips for preventative maintenance


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