Hosted by Waterways World magazine Technical Editor, Mark Langley

Seminars are 45 minutes long and include a Q&A session at the end.

Boat Buying: starting out right  

Buying your first boat can be daunting, but to help you, in this Seminar we explore:

  • choosing the right boat for you
  • different types and styles of inland boat
  • what to look for when buying new or used.

We help you navigate some of the common pitfalls when buying boats, especially on used craft.

Designing a Boat  

If you are lucky enough to be designing a new boat - or refitting an older boat, this seminar will give you:

  • some top tips for interior and exterior design
  • things to avoid
  • a look at best practice tips.

Propulsion and electrical systems  

The options for powering a boat, both for propulsion and onboard services have never been so complex. In this seminar we will look at:

  • options for propelling a boat, including electric and hybrid systems
  • common electrical DC and AC systems
  • best practice in installation and safety
  • designing systems to give best performance and reduce environmental impact.

Green Boating: Making a Difference for New and Existing Boats

Issues surrounding environmental sustainability are at the forefront of many boaters' minds when buying or maintaining their boats, but the options and specifications can sometimes be confusing. We will look at how we can make inland boating more sustainable with a much lower impact on the environment:

  • some of the ways we can adapt how we use existing boats
  • what the future might hold for inland boat design.

Living Afloat  

Having a boat as a home has never been more popular, but is it always plain sailing? In this Seminar we:

  • look at what you need to consider if you think a life afloat is for you
  • pose questions you will need to answer
  • give you further sources of information.

Boat Maintenance  

Keeping a boat well-maintained is essential, for comfort aboard, reliability, value and above all, safety. We look at three key areas:

  • The boat itself; the hull and superstructure needs regular care and attention. But there are many choices to be made. What works best for you?
  • The engine and services need to function well, but not everything is obvious. Simple checks can keep problems at bay and minor alterations can make life a lot easier.
  • Upgrades and other top tips to keep the rest of your boat in good order- and important safety considerations that you should always have in mind.

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