Masterclasses 2023

Following the great success of the Masterclass Theatre at the 2022 Show, there will be a new selection of presentations by exhibitors. Come to a Masterclass to learn from the experts ...


Below is information about the Masterclasses confirmed to date at the 2023 Show. More are to be added. Full details will be here a couple of months before the Show.

Masterclasses take place in our Masterclass Theatre marquee and each is about 30 minutes long.


The Low Impact Narrowboat

cadal_craft360.jpgCadal Craft Ltd – Simon Boyde

Cadal Craft offers innovative new designs for hull, systems and interior to reduce carbon footprint, lower environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. The hull is designed specifically for electric/hybrid propulsion, lowers energy consumption, improves board make efficient use of waste heat and solar power. Other benefits include additional usable space onboard, reduced risk from frozen pipes and reduced energy costs. Founder Simon Boyde, from a professional marine background, explains these innovations and how you or your business can benefit 

Water Management

CRT360.jpgAdam Comerford – Canal & River Trust

National Hydrology Manager, Adam Comerford, will outline the challenges and opportunities facing the management of water within the Trust’s canal network.

Water resources are more important than ever to our canal system. Pressures such as climate change, growth in canal water demand (increased use of our network), changes to environmental legislation and potentially reduced funding could leave us with less water in the future to maintain navigable levels. However, protecting and achieving more value from our water will help us achieve the Trust’s vision of living waterways that transform places and enrich lives.

Series Electrical Propulsion

kingslock_vetus360.jpgKings Lock Chandlery – Steve Wedgewood

Vetus electrical propulsion systems. A presentation to demonstrate the practicalities, functionality and durability of Vetus systems. Presented by Steve Wedgwood who has an in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the installation of Vetus systems.


Paint Technology

marineware360.jpgMarineware Ltd – Simon Crawford

Paint technology: past, present and the future for inland waterways. Including owner and professional options. 

Webasto Heating and Systems

Webasto360.jpgSteve Wedgewood

An insight into the workings of Webasto heating, and air conditioning, for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. Also, tackling and discussing some common misconceptions and myths.

Mobile Broadband Onboard

wifionboard360.jpgWifionboard – David Walker

Being connected onboard is no longer a luxury. With home working, TV streaming or just booking a table it is essential to modern life whether we like it 
or not! Being able to get high speeds to access these services is key and sharing marina WiFi just doesn’t give full service Internet all day long.
Using the Mobile broadband, with 4G+ and 5G gives high speed and a cost effective solutions, for all types of users.


We have been providing systems since 2013 to boaters and have a range of solutions to meet all types of user requirements.

Waterways World

Waterways World is the biggest selling and longest-established inland waterways magazine.

Every month, we explore the waterway system, test the latest boats and equipment, and look into the history and heritage of our canals – and our news coverage is unrivalled.

Canal & River Trust

In an increasingly fast-paced and crowded world, the Canal & River Trust’s historic canals and rivers provide a local haven for people and nature.

We're the charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales

Crick Waterside & Marina

Since opening in 1996, Crick Waterside & Marina has become one of the most sought-after marinas in the country.

It has a great location on a 21-mile lock-free pound, ideal for relaxed weekends afloat, yet handy for all major cruising routes.


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